Pre-Season Training

10th August 2018 0 By Jonny


The end of the summer is approaching and that means that a new hockey season is approaching, which means the joy of pre-season training is upon me. Tomorrow in the afternoon heat and humidity of Hong Kong I get to find out if I’ve done enough running/fitness work through the summer.

My other half also gets to rediscover the ‘joy’ of looking after the 3 kids whilst I slog it out on the hockey pitch.

It feels like the previous season only finished about 3 months ago … and that’s because, that’s when it did finally get put out of it’s misery (end of May!). It’s an annual complaint, but, ‘why must the Hong Kong hockey season last so damn long!’.

In the evening I’ll also try and watch Forest v Reading in the Championship via iFollow, assuming I’m able to stay awake until 10:00pm. It’s also the start of the Premier League (or the EPL as it seems to be called here) tomorrow, so hopefully Match of the Day on Sunday.


  • To be totally knackered after hockey and be too sleepy to watch the football: 40%
  • Forest to win 3-0 (why not, it’s early in the season, Forest have spent big, and a win is overdue)