Cloud Summit

9th October 2018 1 By Jonny

It’s one day to go until #GoogleCloudSummit in Hong Kong. I don’t go to many of these industry conferences. Thinking back, I’ve been to Novell BrainShare UK in Salford, Novell BrainShare in Barcelona, Red Hat Tech Exchange in Bangkok, and the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo. I would have to admit that BrainShare in Barcelona was a highlight – I’d only just joined Novell, and within 4 weeks I was being shipped over to Barcelona with a crowd of my new colleagues. Supposedly, I was to help on the booth – extolling the virtues of the PSE and DSE tech support offerings, about which I didn’t know very much. Barcelona was a great host city though, with a great many things to do and see.

OpenStack Summit in Tokyo was also an enjoyable conference. Tokyo was also a good choice of host city and I was staying very close to Shibuya which meant there was plenty to experience nearby. Tomorrow, though, is a one day ‘summit’ event in Hong Kong hosted by Google where they’ll showcase the products/services on Google Cloud. Possibly not the most exciting subject in the world, unless you’re into that kind of thing. Fortunately, I am.

It’s also free, so no need to claim this on expenses, and they provide lunch. Does this mean there is such a thing as a free lunch? I’ll have to report back after the event to determine if this is indeed the case. Given this is really a roadshow event (as there have been other events in other cities in the region over the last couple of weeks), I’m not expecting much in the way of announcements or exciting news to be revealed. I guess Google will be unveiling the Pixel 3 phone and other bits and pieces in New York only a bit earlier might grab the headlines more than a repeat of a show in Hong Kong. I expect they’ll (re-)announce the HK zone of GCP, maybe giving some details about when it will be made available.

The one thing about conferences is trying to grab some swag … in that regard I’ve already tried to ensure I get at least one piece of swag by emailing the kubernetespodcast host, who will be present on the day, asking for a sticker. Yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit I quite like picking up the various bits of freebies that the sponsors/advertisers giveaway (presumably in exchange for a business card). Hopefully, tomorrow should be fun, even with check-in beginning at 8:00am …