Boys and their toys: Beyblades

14th October 2018 0 By Jonny

I’ve always liked my toys – you can probably tell that from reading some previous entries. Do I really need a multi-node Raspberry Pi kubernetes cluster for example? Not really, but it’s a fun thing to have and play with.

Anyway, this post is not about my latest technology fetish – there will, I”m sure be plenty of time for that later. Son #1 has started reception school this September, and we’re just about up to the first half term break (actually, as I type this up, we’re now on half-term break). Going to school is always going to be a big event in life, and with it brings the interaction and friendships that get made, lost, and (hopefully) remade along the way, usually revolving around shared interests.

I can’t remember my first ‘must have’ toy

I honestly can’t remember the first toy that was a must have for me. At school I remember that ‘football stickers‘ were a big deal amongst my friends – especially swapping of doubles. For Son #1, all we’ve heard about since the start of reception are Beyblades.  Myself and the better half had managed to resist buying any Beyblades, until the run up to half-term when I caved (although it turned out my better half was also going to cave in as well).

It turns out that Beyblades are just well marketed spinning tops that can bash into one another and ‘explode’ into their constituent parts. Putting them back together is actually quite good for Son #1 to learn. I also bought a second Beyblade for the Daughter, ostensibly so that there could be a battle. We’ve now learnt we need an arena to force these toys together to ‘battle’. I don’t think our wok would last very long if we used it.

Daddy has definitely shot up in Son #1’s estimation by being a Beyblade supplier (apparently you can, temporarily at least, buy affection). What was particularly touching was that Son #1 had left a Beyblade by my bedside table before he went to bed. I had forgotten about this until I went to bed, and there it was sitting on my table.

Of course, he had taken his Beyblade to bed, and it was really his sister’s Beyblade he’d left on my table – but it was a nice shared moment.

It turns out that the Daughter isn’t fussed about playing with them, and Son #2 just like picking them up, much to the annoyance of Son #1. It’s nice to know that these shared playing experiences have started, and hopefully in not too much time we;ll be able to swap Beyblades out for playing some other games. FIFA football maybe?