About me

I work for a large open source software company (it’s not exactly difficult to figure out who that would be) as a Technical Account Manager. I’ve been living (and working) in Hong Kong since 2007, having moved here from the UK. I should point out here that any opinions I offer or other bits and pieces put into words here reflect solely my own views, and absolutely do not reflect anything about my employer.

Unashamedly, I’m a tech enthusiast, and as such I love my job as it brings me into contact with so much interesting technology. This does mean my significant other has to put up with my hobby with an ever evolving technology infused home. Sometimes it works well, and sometimes it’s a source of frustration.

At home, I have 3 young children to help bring up, and in small amount of free time I try and find for myself, I like to run, play hockey, and read. Not that I get a lot of free time any more … I also used to be interested in photography, however I just don’t have the time any more – and now my photos are taken with my smartphone.

From afar I also support/follow Nottingham Forest – not that there has been much to cheer about lately.