Why Any Idiot?

Writing up material (of interest) and report style writing is something I’m fairly comfortable with (note: I am not claiming to be good at it). Some might say I write far too much and lose details in the morass of what I write. That’s probably true too, and a blog is probably not going to help me curb those, err, enthusiasms.

Creative writing, on the other hand, I’m honest enough to acknowledge I’m absolutely awful at. My school English teachers would wholeheartedly back me up I”m sure. Thus, when it comes to naming my blog, I had a complete blank, and it was imaginatively titled ‘Home Blog’ for quite some time.

I have now settled on ‘Any Idiot …’. Other than the fact that it’s my blog and I can call it whatever I like, I have chosen ‘Any Idiot’, because I’ve heard myself say ‘any idiot could do this’ a fair amount over the course of my career. I honestly, don’t believe there is anything special or particularly smart about what I do (any idiot, really could do it). A lot of my job usually involves reading other people’s work and regurgitating it. At best, I might adapt it for my own situation, but that’s about the extent of how much creativity I bring to the table.

Blog names are difficult, or at least I find they are. I feel pressure that they’re supposed to be short, punchy, witty, and have meaning. In reality, most do not meet these criteria (hint: neither does this one). If they do meet those criteria, then it sets an impossibly high bar for the content that follows. Double-edged sword really (surely, most swords are double-edged?)

I had thought about ‘So it is’ but I wasn’t sure where it would lead. I also previously had a blog called ‘tablefor1’ – which I can’t re-use as my table, these days, is for 5 people.

Anyway, going back to the first paragraph here. I’ve now spent a considerable number of words explaining the two short words I’ve chosen for the title of this blog. I should probably stop now.